Physical Therapist Assistant Resume

Physical therapist assistant jobs are enjoying something of a boom right now, so you need to make sure you have a really powerful resume to go with your cover letter for a job application.

The demand for physical therapy assistants is growing, as the average lifespan of the population increases and medical science develops more treatments and procedures. For the elderly, the disabled, and those recuperationg from accidents, illness, or surgery, the services of a PTA can be vital part of their progress on the road to rehabilitation and a happy and healthy life.

Most states in the US require PTAs to hold an Associate’s degree in physical therapy assisting from an accredited school, and to be licensed by relavant state board. As well as the requisite professional knowledge, candidates will likely need to demonstrate a good standatd of physical health, including the ability to spend much of their working day standing, walking, squatting, or stooping down, and the ability to lift and carry heavy loads when required.

The following example is an illustration of how a physical therapy assistant resume might highlight personal skills, professional knowledge, and relevant training and certification in response to an advertised job vacancy. Don’t forget that human qualities such as empathy and good communication skills are an essential complement to technical knowledge in any health care related field. This is a job, after all, in which you will be dealing face-to-face with patients and clients on a daily basis.

2519, Moonfleet Drive, Lubbock, TX 79413
Tel: (098) 765-4321


Committed and caring physical therapist assistant, devoted to maximizing the opportunities and potential of patients of all ages to lead happy, healthy lives as they recover from medical problems and health-related conditions.

• Excellent interpersonal skills • Strong / physically agile
• Clear oral / written communication • Excellent dexterity / hearing / eye-hand co-ordination
• Realistic patient goals • Strong desire to help those in need
• Patient tests, evaluation, measurement • Enthusiastic and encouraging
• Therapeutic exercise / treatments / massage • Very good organization / time management


Horizon Health, Lubbock, TX – PTA (2009 – present)

  • Assisting supervising physical therapist in adminstering treatment to patients
  • Communicating patient progress to supervisor and other team members as appropriate
  • Documenting medical records accurately and efficiently
  • Updating billing systems to reflect treatments provided
  • Encouraging patients to play an active role in their own rehabilitation
  • Instructing and motivating family members and nursing staff in follow-through programs
  • Maintaining all equipment in a safe and clean condition
  • Supervising other rehabilitation technicians
  • Ensuring safety of patients and care staff by following department standards, procedures, and policies
  • Actively pursuing opportunities for professional growth through continuing education and in-service training
  • Mentoring new staff
  • Supporting goals of the department and thus contributing to the on-going success of Horizon Health


  • PTA College, TX: A.A.S. Physical Therapist Assistant
  • State license
  • Branston High School, Branston, TX: High School Diploma


  • CPR certified
  • Women’s rugby, martial arts
  • Computer proficiency (PC and Mac), Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook.)

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