Sample Resumes — A Great Way To Jumpstart Your Own Ideas

When you’re planning your resume for the first time or re-drafting an existing version, you can find excellent ideas by looking at sample resumes that have worked well for other job searchers.

It can be tough to evaluate your own resume without comparing it to other examples. When you look at samples of resumes, you have the chance to sense the impact of different presentation formats and see how careful choice of language can emphasize key skills and achievements. It’s particularly useful to look at ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples, to see how a dramatic improvement can be made by changing layout, style and focus.

When you’re looking at resume examples, try to assess some of these points:

First impressions:

  • does the resume seize your attention in the first few lines?
  • is the writer’s objective clear and specific?


  • is the resume easy to read quickly?
  • is the content well balanced on the page (margins, spacing, length of sections)?
  • is the information presented in concise language with clear headings and bullet points?
  • Does the resume guide your eye to key information (by use of capitals, underlining, bold font etc.)?


  • Has the writer chosen a chronological or a functional format? Was it the right choice?


  • Does the writer emphasize achievements, using verbs and other action words?
  • Does the resume stress the writer’s strengths and how he / she took initatitives?
  • Is there too much / too little information?

These are just some of the ways in which you can compare example resumes. Try putting yourself in the position of an employer who may be reviewing several hundred resumes and ask yourself: “How can this applicant benefit me?”

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