Administrative Assistant Resumes

A sample resume for administrative assistant jobs can give you ideas if you’re planning to make your own application — for example, as a PA or a secretary.

Look at resume samples to see the different ways that the summary section presents a concise description of relevant qualifications, experience etc.

Is there an example of an objective statement in the resume? Or does the it have a section such as ‘Skills and Accomplishments’? If so, it may use the opportunity give more details about how the applicant can bring important attributes to the position.

How is this to help you with your own administrative assistant resume?

As you read the examples, ask yourself how you would assess them if you were the employer? Which ones stand out from the pack? Do you feel interested enough to read past the summary section?

Guide To Getting An Administrative Assistant Job

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You can use this evidence to design your own resume to best advantage. Have you made some notes about your own skills, strengths and employment history? Here are some areas you may be able to describe:

  • details of relevant experience with office systems and management
  • handling of paperwork, accounts and correspondence
  • experience of dealing with customers or visitors in person or on the telephone
  • your ability to work independently
  • how well you cope with pressure, deadlines etc.
  • your technical skills and knowledge: familiarity with computer software, language skills etc.

Here are some sample resumes from this field for you to consider:

Administrative Assistant Resume
Administrative Secretary Resume
Executive Assistant Resume

Check back soon for:

Medical Administrative Assistant Resume

In these examples, ask yourself how well the writers presented information like this:

  • did they use powerful verbs to describe these skills?
  • did they give examples of problems they had solved, key achievements etc?
  • did they quantify those achievements?

Now you may begin to see how to show your own skills in the best light. Look at the job description and analyze which administrative functions matter most to this employer. Make sure you match your skills with these needs.

A sample resume can be very useful when used in the right way. When you find an effective version, don’t slavishly copy it. Much better to decide why it worked well and then use similar techniques in your own application.

To round this off, you need also to develop a powerful letter to go with your resume.

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