Top Tips For Working With Free Administrative Cover Letter Examples

Summary: If you’re preparing a job application in any administration-related field, why not take a look at free administrative cover letter examples to get ideas on effective content and presentation.

You can find many online samples of cover letters to give you inspiration to develop a powerful job application of your own.

Remember that you can take ideas from all kinds of example cover letters that you find in free resources, not just those in the administrative sector. Any letter that accompanies a resume ought to follow a few basic principles that are easy to apply. Online examples show you how these selected guidelines might be applied in your own letter.

  • Keep it short. You run the risk of losing your reader’s interest if you write at length. A concise and well-focussed letter will entice the recruiter to find out more about you from your resume.
  • Always personalize. An opening such as ‘To Whom It May Concern’ or ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ gives the impression of a general mailing or an unsolicited approach. Establish the identity of the person in charge of hiring and establish a connection with them by addressing them by name!
  • Target the employer’s needs by analyzing the job ad. Don’t waste your time by including irrelevant information in the letter. You’ll impress the reader if you show in a few sentences how your skills and experience match what the position requires.
  • Indicate how you plan to follow up on your application.

Make a critique of the cover letter samples you find to establish your own ideas of what works best in terms of style and content. For each example, put yourself in the employer’s shoes — would you want to read that applicant’s resume or invite them for interview?

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