Banking Resumes

If you are looking for banking resumes or a banker resume sample to help you make you draft your own profile, make sure to evaluate the examples you find according to the principles of good resume writing.

Identifying Your Banking Expertise

Whether you are a Financial Controller, CFO, Financial Planner, Credit Analyst, Investment Broker or Portfolio Manager, your resume needs to get the reader’s attention in the first few seconds and target your banking skills to the needs of the position you are applying for.

Laying Out A Banker Resume

Good layout is a crucial aspect. Make the resume easy to read by dividing it into sections, putting the most relevant information nearest the top of the page. After your contact information, skills summary or profile, this is likely to be your professional experience to date, followed by educational background, professional affiliations and other supplementary information.

Bullet points make for easy reading and quick absorption of key facts. Don’t forget the value of resume buzz words and powerful language to communicate your accomplishments and the contributions you have made in your previous banking career.

Your Profile On Your Banker Resume

Summarize your primary skills and most relevant banking experience as it relates to the position for which you are applying. Use this section to whet the reader’s appetite by showing what you could contribute to a future employer’s business.

Use Keywords Strategically

Use industry-related language to demonstrate the extent of your professional experience and expertise. Don’t forget to quantify your achievements where possible.

Keywords related to Banking

loan production, portfolio management, credit quality, loan underwriting, collections and recoveries, secondary market sales or purchases, business deposits, delivery systems, risk management, compliance audits, administration of BSA, SAR Regulations, division profitability, strategic planning, annual budgets, asset liability management, financial statements, credit training, proven analytical skills, business development, commercial loan operations, credit analysis, loan review, asset / liability review, financial analysis, accounting software, payroll systems, financial statements, past due accounts, capital markets, loan servicing, commercial loan credit analysis, treasury bills, financial counseling, repurchase agreements, billing tracking, accrual profit, cash profit, petty cash, expense reports, claims processing, financial planning, financial reporting, insurance underwriting, profit and loss management, managing investment portfolio, liquidity, asset liability, bond market, stock market, foreign exchange, derivatives, commodities market, OTC market, structured finance, capital budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, accounting, auditing, credit rating agency, leveraged buyout, venture capital, personal finance, public finance, government debt, deficit spending, warrant of payment, fractional-reserve banking, CPA, Excel

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