Updating Your Resume Format

Here’s some information about a book that’s giving advice about how you can update your resume in just 30 minutes flat!

How To Format Your Resume Headings

You need to make the various sections of your resume stand out. Read about ways to style headings and titles to provide visual ‘signposts’ to help the reader.

How To Format Your Name And Contact Information

Your name and contact information are key elements of your resume. Read about how to decide the best resume formatting choices for you.

Career Change Resumes — Combination Format

Read about why you should consider alternative formats if you’re planning to change your field of work.

Using A Functional Resume Format

Find out why some people need a format that focuses on clusters of skills rather than a linear work history.

Chronological Resumes – A Reliable Resume Format

The chronological resume is perhaps the most commonly used format. Discover why it’s so useful when you want to highlight the continuity of your work history and give details about past jobs and employers.

Learning From Free Resume Format Examples

Learn to judge what’s effective by looking at various examples of resume format.

A Trouble Free Format For Resumes

Discover how a basic resume format that works for your situation can be easily adapted to fit the needs of different employers.