Medical Assistant Resume


Medical assistant resume examples can show you how to format your resume and communicate your skills, knowledge and work experience in a convincing and persuasive manner. Targeting your resume to the specific requirements of a particular job description can help you show how you are a great fit for a particular medical assistant’s role.

A Resume Writing Example — Good Or Bad?


What are you hoping to get out a resume writing example? Is it a good idea to see how other people have drafted their resumes? Or is it better to go it alone and produce a truly unique version? Here are some ways to get the most out of ‘before and after’ resumes, templates and career resume samples.

Ideas From An Example Sales Resume

How can you present your sales expertise most effectively in your resume? Use an example sales resume to learn techniques, keywords and more.

CNA Resume


Your CNA resume is an opportunity for you to showcase your skills in helping patients with their daily requirements, monitoring and recording their progress, and your ability to empathize and relate to their emotional and social needs. This sample resume can help you get started writing your own certified nursing assistant resume.

Customer Service Resume 1

Use this customer service resume sample to get ideas for drafting your own resume.

How To Analyze Free Resume Examples Of Registered Nurse Applications


What should a registered nurse put into a resume? Here’s how to use samples to guide you. The best approach is to extract the best ideas and ideas of content and layout, rather than just copy what you find. Remember that the best resume for you will likely be one which represents your unique talents and experience as well as matching these qualities to the requirements of the particular nursing position you’re pursuing.

Using A Customer Service Resume Example

Here’s how to take ideas from a sample resume to help present your skills when preparing to apply for a job as a customer service representative or manager.

LPN Resume


A Licensed Practical Nurse works under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses to provide quality patient care. Here is a sample LPN resume to adapt as required for your own profile. Like many practical nurses, she has gained experience in bedside care, recording patient stats and vital signs, she administered medication as prescribed by a physician, and has a compassionate and friendly manner.

What Should I Write In My Registered Nurse Resume?


Your registered nurse resume needs to show how you can provide leadership to a team of nurses under your supervision and work as a proactive member of a healthcare team. Depending on your area of expertise, it will highlight key skills in areas such as assessment and diagnosis and the formulation of a nursing plan under the guidance of physicians. It also needs to target the specific requirements of the job you are applying for, as well as showcase your own nursing skills.

Free Examples Of Resume Writing Can Spark Your Own Ideas

w do you use sample resumes as a model for your own profile – and still retain your originality? Read about how to conduct your own ‘resume analysis’.