When Applying For A Position As A Legal Assistant, Sample Resume Research Can Help

Interested in applying for a job as a legal assistant or paralegal? Check out specimen resumes that exemplify good practice.

Physician Resume Example


Ideas about effective resume design and content to help you draft a physician’s resume. Take time to look at examples of effective resume design and structure that will give you ideas about how to implement your own medical profile effectively.

Examples Of Resume For Nurses


A template to help you develop your own specialist nursing resume. Whatever samples you study to develop a nursing resume, make sure your own version is fully personalized and focuses on the jobs you want to apply for. Remember that simply listing positions that you’ve held may not do enough to convey the experience in patient care that you have, so give a concise description of your most important roles.

Executive Assistant Resume

Summary: An Executive Assistant position covers a wide range of roles and responsibilities. What are some of the typical functions, skills and qualifications used on an executive assistant resume? If you are checking out a sample resume selection for an executive assistant, you may be overwhelmed at the sheer range of the roles and responsibilities […]

Elementary Teacher Resume Template


If you’re planning to apply for a teaching position, use this template to get ideas of how to plan and draft an impressive resume to go with your application.

Accounting Resume

How should you highlight your skills and experience on your accounting resume? Read some ideas about content and format to match your skills to the recruiter’s needs and showcase your expertise.

Learning From Free Resume Format Examples

Learn to judge what’s effective by looking at various examples of resume format.

Sample Resumes — A Great Way To Jumpstart Your Own Ideas

Discover how sample resumes can give you inspiration for developing your own resume. Read about what to look for when you’re assessing examples and what ‘before and after’ models can show you.

Substitute Teacher Resume


This sample resume for a substitute teacher can be adapted to suit any subject-specific expertise or experience. Look at the way it also focuses on the particular skills needed to deputize for another teacher, such as adapting to existing teaching styles and curriculum plans.

High School Teacher Resume


This High School teacher resume sample can be adapted to fit your subject expertise and age-group teaching experience.