CNA Resume

When you’re writing your CNA resume, you need to highlight your qualities as a caring and compassionate individual who can relate well to the needs of the elderly, long-term or terminally ill patients and those with mental disabilities.

You should also indicate your skills and experience with those routine, hands-on tasks relating to a patient’s basic needs such as dressing, bathing and hygiene, feeding and mobility issues. It is a job which can provide much satisfaction to caregivers, but a strong constitution and stable emotional outlook are assets for work which can be physically as well as psychologically demanding.

This sample resume for a CNA presents work history in a reverse chronological format, highlighting the job-seeker’s previous experience as a home health aide working for an agency before becoming a certified nursing assistant in a residential home.

221 Broughton Road, Hartfield, MO 65624
Tel: (098) 765-4321


CNA currently working with long-term care patients in nursing home. Previous experience as Home Health Aide visiting patients in their homes. Efficient and cheerful worker who relates to patients with compassion and understanding. Discreet and trustworthy, dedicated to helping those in need.

• Daily living assistance • Recording vital signs
• Toileting, incontinence management • Flow chart records
• Bed-making / Linen changing • Patient observation / reporting
• Ambulation / patient exercise • Infection control
• Post-mortem duties • Emergency evacuation procedures


Morris Assisted Living, Brewster, MO (2007 – present)
Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Assist bathing, personal hygiene, dressing of patients.
  • Help with toilet and bathroom needs.
  • Handle emesis bags, urinals, bedpans.
  • Assist / change patients with incontinence.
  • Take urine / stool / sputum specimens as directed.
  • Serve meals and assist those who cannot feed themselves.
  • Participate in admissions, transfer and discharge procedures.
  • Help move / lift patients with limited mobility to chair, bed.
  • Assist / encourage ambulation.
  • Make beds, change bed linen to schedule or as needed, tidy rooms.
  • Monitor and record vital signs, height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration
  • Observe and report relevant physical, psychological, social developments and interactions with fellow patients and staff.
  • Help manage, move, re-order supplies.
  • Follow procedures for disease / infection control.
  • Follow emergency procedures and policies.
  • Foster cheerful, positive outlook and provide compassionate response to patients’ emotional needs.

St Joseph Home Care Services, Southwell, MO (2005 – 2007)
Home Health Aide

  • Visiting elderly, disabled, convalescent or mentally disabled patients in their homes.
  • Cooking, including managing special diet needs.
  • General housekeeping, cleaning tasks, laundry, bed making / changing.
  • Light shopping duties on request.
  • Help with bathing, showering, getting dressed and other personal hygiene.
  • Moving / lifting patients with limited mobility to / from bed, bath, chair, wheelchair.
  • Measuring and recording vital signs.
  • Supervise prescribed exercise routines.
  • Administer medications prescribed by physician.
  • Assist with post-surgical skin care, dressings.
  • Help manage artificial limbs.
  • Note and report progress, sudden developments to case manager.
  • Assist with hospital appointments, visits to doctor.
  • Be a reliable and efficient aide and warm-hearted companion, reading, conversing, providing mental stimulation.


Nursing Assistant Program
Brooks Community College, MO
CNA Certification

NAHC Certified

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