Working On A Cover Letter (Administrative Assistant Example)

Summary: Here are some more ideas about working on a cover letter (administrative assistant example used in this illustration).

The cover letter that accompanies any resume mailing is a vital ingredient in your job search strategy. In many cases it represents the ‘first impression’ of an application and can have a profound effect on the way in which the resume is received.

It’s essential to identify the requirements of the position before you draft your letter. Of course, there will be important differences between the skills required, say, of a physical therapist assistant and those of a legal assistant, but this basic approach can be used in preparing any administrative job application.

  • analyze the job advertisement or job description carefully: identify key administrative skills sought by the employer e.g.: knowledge of computer systems or software, familiarity with data processing, team working, communication skills (verbal and written), executive support roles
  • make sure that the design of your letter saves the reader’s time: plan its layout so that it can be read quickly and highlight key information to guide the reader’s eye
  • address the letter to the person in charge of hiring
  • project enthusiasm and warmth along with a knowledge of the company and its issues
  • establish how your skills and administration experience fit the specific needs of the job
  • be specific about how you propose to follow up your application

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