Using A Customer Service Resume Example

Summary: How a customer service resume example can help you when you’re planning to apply for a position as a representative, customer solutions manager or similar.

Do you have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, experience with managing phones in a call center or a background helping customers with orders, queries – even complaints? If this describes your background, you’ll already have a good idea what it takes to be a success in this important career.

But despite your excellent skills, you may not be sure how to communicate your expertise effectively to a potential employer in a resume or cover letter. To help you get started with your application, you will find good ideas by reviewing resume examples that have been written by previous applicants to customer service vacancies.

How Sample Customer Service Resumes Can Help You

Why is this a good idea? Because you have the opportunity to see how effectively other job seekers have presented themselves for a position and you are able to put yourself in the positions of the hiring manager for a moment. You can assess format, layout, fonts, and the language chose by the writer to convey his or her experience as a customer service representative or manager.

As you get used to reading sample resumes, you can even develop a sort of ranking system for yourself to decide how well the applicant has created a targeted profile! You won’t be able to copy what you read, of course – your own resume must be based exclusively on your own skills and background. But it’s very valuable practice to analyze a sample that’s been written by someone else and it gives you an insight into how your own resume will be received.

Here are some ideas of skills that a convincing customer service applicant may choose to put on a resume. Keep your own list as you look through samples to build up your own bank of ideas and phrases:

Office duties: including data entry, handling enquiries and complaints by phone and mail, processing orders and tracking deliveries, managing accounts and billing, handling checks and payments, covering evenings and weekends.

Managing customer relationships: Providing service to existing customers and developing a new customer base, monitoring customer satisfaction and service quality, handling feedback from clients

Working with others: supervising employees, operating effectively as a leader or member of a team, independence and initiative, communication skills, analysis and problem solving, scheduling and confirming appointments, implementation of policies and procedures.

Key skills: well spoken and confident phone skills, such as operating multiple call phones, use of a head set, working a help desk, call center experience, familiarity with computer applications such as Microsoft Office tools, databases and Windows / Macintosh operating systems.

When you have assessed the samples, one of the most important things you can do when writing your own resume is to target it to the requirements of the vacancy by analyzing the job description and the advertisement itself. You might start quite simply by taking a marker pen or hi-lighter and marking the key words in the advertisement. Don’t be tempted to skip this step! It’s by responding to the stated needs of the recruiter that you will stand out from the pack and give yourself a good chance of winning an interview.

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