How To Model Your Own Job Application On A Free Example Of A Cover Letter

Summary: There are many job hunting sites offering help such as a free example of a cover letter or an example of a job resume. Here are some key points on how to evaluate a cover letter example:

Resources like these can provide great support for your own application as you learn how to develop a resume and letter format that suit your own experience and expertise.

It’s important to make your letter truly representative of what you can offer an employer. Don’t just slavishly copy what seems to be an effective letter sample that you have found online or elsewhere. An good example cover letter will show you how it’s possible to match your own talents and background to the needs of a particular position by giving specific examples of your previous work or training.

Spend time analyzing the advertisement or job description before you set about writing your letter, so that you have a clear idea of the most important skills to highlight. Make some notes about which talents and qualifications best fit the requirements of the position – you can refer back to these later.

Then look at how the model letter has dealt with some of these points:

  • addressing a specific person in the company
  • identifying quickly but clearly the desired position
  • showing familiarity with aspects of the company and the work entailed
  • proving interest and enthusiasm
  • specifying why the applicant is an excellent fit for the job
  • indicating how the writer plans to follow up on the letter
  • clarity of layout in well organized paragraphs, with full contact information in the header and an appropriate closing formula

You may well find that the content of a particular sample cover letter does not suit your needs or taste. But by reviewing examples such as these, you will quickly develop ideas of your own about the appropriate format and style for your own version to give your resume the support it needs.

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