Free Examples Of Resume Writing Can Spark Your Own Ideas

Summary: When you’re setting out to write your resume, free examples of resume writing are a great way to stimulate your ideas.

Writing objectively about yourself can be a difficult skill to master, and it can be very helpful to learn from a sample of resumes which put tried and tested techniques to work.

There are a couple of important points to bear in mind before you go looking for examples of resumes online or in books from your library or local store:

• your resume needs to be targetted closely to the job application you’re making. There’s no such thing any more as a ‘one size fits all’ resume (if indeed there ever was!)

• your resume must be a reflection of you — your skills, accomplishments and experience. That’s why every first class resume will be unique, even if it follows some general principles that have worked well for other job hunters.

So before you start reading through examples, you need to decide what sort of job you want to apply for: make some notes about the industry, the specific requirements of the job you’d like to do and some of the qualities you have that would be particularly valuable in that field.

There are excellent sources of example resume writing to be found online. You have the opportunity to see how professional resume writing services have edited various profiles to develop more effective versions — and in some cases a critique of the original is provided as a guide.

You can also get help on the abc’s of drafting your own profile from scratch and the elementary rules for writing a letter that will get your resume noticed.

As you read through online examples, try to assess some of the following points:

  • does the resume seize your attention in the first few lines?
  • is the content well balanced on the page, with good spacing and judicious use of bullet points?
  • how effectively does the writer guide your eye to key information?
  • has the writer chosen a chronological or thematic format?
  • is there frequent use of action verbs throughout which stress achievements and problem-solving?
  • if you were an employer, would the resume tell you what the applicant could do for you or your company?

This last point is a very useful way to assess the value of a resume as a marketing tool. Try putting your own resume to the same test!

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