Tips For Making Effective Use of Free Nursing Cover Letters

Summary: When you have spent time refining your nursing resume or CV, an effective cover letter is essential to ensure that your application receives the attention it deserves.

You’ll find free nursing cover letters and advice online to show you how to make the best impression.

Remember that many of the rules which govern good nursing cover letter writing apply to other industries too. So take advice from other practitioners and use ideas from free cover letters from a range of professions to see how to perfect the impact of your application in a few short paragraphs.

Most sample cover letters are concise and to the point. A nurse’s cover letter can follow the familiar ‘three paragraph’ format as follows:

  • paragraph 1: introduce yourself, identify the nursing position you are applying for and explain how you came to know of the vacancy
  • paragraph 2: summarize key aspects of your nursing background, experience, skills and training that particularly recommend for this position; don’t repeat details from your resume but indicate why you would be a good fit in the job, showing interest and enthusiasm
  • paragraph 3: close the letter with a request for an interview and a tactful indication of how you propose to follow up on your application

It is of course essential that you include all contact information at the head of the letter. You should also make it a rule to address the cover letter to a specific individual in charge of nursing recruitment; you may need to do some elementary research by phone to ensure that this information is up to date and accurate.

Always check your cover letter for correct spelling and grammar. Don’t just use a spell checking program — print the letter and revise it carefully on paper, or ask a reliable friend to help.

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