How To Analyze Free Resume Examples Of Registered Nurse Applications

Summary: You can find many free resume examples of registered nurse applicants available online. These sample resumes will help you to refine your own resume writing technique and win the nursing position you desire.

As with any sample resume, the knack is to extract the best ideas and approaches to content and layout, rather than simply to copy what you find. After all, the best resume for you will be the one which not only reflects your unique talents and experience but which also matches these qualities to the requirements of the specific nurse’s position you’re applying for.

As you study an example resume or curriculum vitae, assess how effective it is at capturing your attention and enabling you to absorb key information in 10 – 15 seconds. That’s how long you may have to persuade a recruiter that you’re worth shortlisting for interview. However well qualified you may be, your resume needs to pass this ‘scan reading’ test. Here are some tips for improving legibility in your resume format:

  • don’t pack your content too closely — use white space to separate elements and never use any font size smaller than 10 pt
  • guide your reader’s eye to key information by emphasizing headings and other essential details in bold type
  • use bullet points for lists

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and you’ll quickly develop a sense of what’s the right format for you.

A good sample resume will show you that a registered nurse will normally include the following sections — though they may of course be labeled differently according to the individual

  • full contact details – a must!
  • an objective or skills summary – or both
  • medical training and education – decide whether this should come before or after your experience details (remember that the more persuasive information needs to come first)
  • clinical experience, with dates, locations (see education above to decide where this section should be placed on your resume to make the best impact)
  • professional memberships, affiliations, licensing

Compare the examples you find to establish what works best in your own case.

As you read a sample resume, ask yourself whether the writer has given evidence of their nursing expertise and achievements in areas such as:

  • knowledge of equipment and pharmaceutical products
  • awareness of new medical procedures and other professional developments
  • solving problems, improving efficiency, cutting costs
  • managing other staff and working with doctors
  • empathy and understanding of patients’ needs

Browse our other nurse resume examples for more ideas. Free resume examples and critiques are also available from several professional resume writing services.

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