High School Teacher Resume

The High School Teacher resume sample below focuses on an English teacher who has had experience with freshman and sophomore students as well as teaching in junior and senior grades.

Although it concentrates on one subject, it could be adapted for use by a teacher of other subjects by incorporating subject specific information. It could also be a basis for a resume for those with a background teaching mixed subjects in middle schools as well as high schools.

Don’t forget to compare this with the other samples on the teacher resumes page to get as many ideas as possible about how to showcase your own skills and experience. Remember, the job of the resume is to land you the interview – the rest will be up to you!

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For teachers with a wider focus, it will be important to list a comprehensive list of subjects offered: Science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics; Humanities subjects such as History, Geography, Religious Studies, Social Sciences or Economics; Art and Design, Technology, or Computer Studies; Foreign Languages such as Spanish, French, Italian or Chinese; Classics subjects such as Greek or Latin; creative arts subjects such as Music, Theatre Studies or Dance; and sports subjects such as Physical Education or Sports Science.

High School teachers are preparing students to move on to university or into the world of work. So it’s useful to show how you have contributed to the development of students’ life skills or study skills. You may also wish to indicate your participation in school management and administration, if any, and your involvement in extracurricular activity and school life outside the classroom.

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Dedicated and inspirational teacher of English Language and Literature. 10 years experience developing effective oral and written communication and reading skills. Proficiency in creating student centered environment, cooperative learning and differentiated lesson plans.

• Effective class management • Student motivation
• Individual attention • Interactive lessons
• Creative writing • School drama
• Curriculum development • Formative assessment
• Test design


Readcote Park High School, Indianapolis, IN (1998 – 2003)

  • Taught English Language in grades 9 and 10.
  • Developed teaching materials for study of poetry of Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Taught Twelfth Night and Julius Caesar and coached sophomore students in selection of scenes for Drama Competition.
  • Assisted department head to introduce formative assessment plan to monitor progress of freshmen entrants and report on progress.
  • Organized after school creative writing workshop.
  • Encouraged students’ active participation in debate while maintaining appropriate behavior and standards in discussion.
  • Identified individual student needs and liaised with student counselors to solve problems in learning, attitude and management of student workloads.
  • Reported / communicated with parents as required by school’s policy.
  • Took part in faculty meetings and workshops.

Delton College Prep, Bloomington, IN (2003 – present)

  • Taught English Language and Literature in grades 9 – 12.
  • Adapted teaching materials and methods according to individual student strengths and needs to ensure challenging and supportive learning environment.
  • Developed essay technique and examination skills for AP candidates.
  • Improved students’ analytical skills / critical understanding of set Shakespeare texts.
  • Used variety of teaching strategies to encourage independent thinking and expression of original ideas in speech and writing.
  • Encouraged opportunities to use IT and word processing skills in class work and homework assignments.
  • Attended annual in-service training lectures and conferences to maintain professional knowledge and competence.


Graduate Certificate in Teaching
Hartford College, IN: B.A. English and Communication
Dorian Park High School, Vaisey, IN: High School Diploma

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