Your Job Interview — Preparing For The Challenge

Summary: Job interview success can mean preparing to face stiff competition. And if you’re looking to be employed next week, we’ve got news for you: so are thousands of other people across the country.

Maybe you already have an interview for a possible job lined up — in which case, congratulations! You’ve already shown that you have the potential to be successful. But now the hard work really begins: to get yourself as well prepared as possible to make a great impression.

Do you know what questions are likely to come up during the interview? Have you got any ideas on how you’ll deal with them? Do you know if you’re expected to bring anything with you? Have you got interview nerves already?!

Well, don’t worry. One of the best ways of dealing with interview jitters is to know that you’ve done your best to prepare as thoroughly as possible. Our aim is to help you navigate your way through your interview with a cool head.

Frankly, if you’ve already scored an interview you’ve shown that you’re a serious candidate for the job. So now here are some of the issues you need to tackle to help you give a polished interview performance and land the job of your dreams:

* the way make a great first impression
* how to conduct yourself during the interview
* interview questions that are likely to come up (and how to deal with them)
* questions you could / should ask the interviewer
* some common mistakes interviewees make
* what’s off-limits during an interview
* how to manage the interview follow-up process

Careful preparation for your interview gives you the ‘unfair advantage’ that helps you face down the competition. And when the stakes are high, you can’t afford to give less than your best. So invest in your future career success by winning in your next interview.

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