When Applying For A Position As A Legal Assistant, Sample Resume Research Can Help

Summary: If you’re seeking a position as a legal assistant, sample resume research can help you draft a persuasive and powerful profile to help you land an interview.

Visit our articles on comparing resume examples to develop your own resume writing technique and ideas about best practice. While there are no hard and fast rules, remember that any effective resume will depend on careful research into the desired post and attention to effective layout and presentation.

It’s important to spend time identifying the key skills required of a legal assistant in the job description. High standards or organization, self-motivation and initiative will of course be expected; focus also on specific expertise needed, such as legal research and writing, communication with parties and attorneys, procedures of jury instruction etc.

For any paralegal or legal assistant role, training will be an important qualifier. So which comes first in the resume, education or experience?

Follow the basic principle that you should order your information according to the reader’s interest. If the recruiter has several hundred applications to screen, you’ll need to catch their attention in just a few seconds. If your extensive experience in the law is what best qualifies you for the job, make sure that this section comes higher up on the page. On the other hand, an recent graduate lawyer may make a better case by emphasizing skills developed through training.

You can view examples of effective resumes online to help you, with samples of resumes before and after editing. Some professional resume services also offer a free resume critique service to help you draft an effective version. There are also several useful examples to be found in the field of administration and secretarial work.


  1. As far as positions for legal assistants, i would agree with the comment that organization is key for a paralegal

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