LPN Resume

Here is an example of a resume for a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) whose career has concentrated on elderly care in residential nursing homes.

You can use this LPN resume sample to get ideas for drafting your own profile. Like many practical nurses, she has gained experience in bedside care, recording patient stats and vital signs, she administered medication as prescribed by a physician, and has given injections and enemas, worked with IV lines and has experience with patients who have had breathing difficulties resulting in tracheostomy.

Like any health care provider, a compassionate and friendly manner is an important skill in relating to patients and meeting their emotional and social needs as well as their medical treatment. She has highlighted her skills of communication with colleagues and patient families, and has experience in assisting care home residents in areas such as diet, hygiene, dressing and other daily tasks.

427 Digby Lane, Enville, AL 35555
Tel: (098) 765-4321


LPN with extensive experience working with developmentally disabled and elderly patients in residential homes. Provides quality care, based on high standards of professionalism and compassion. Excellent empathy skills and dedication to patient welfare. Efficient communication with physicians, co-workers and patient families.

• Recording vital signs • Feeding assistance
• Injections, enemas • Personal hygiene and dressing
• Catheterization • Documenting health history
• Wound dressing and management • Clerical duties
• Trach and Vent


Greenview Healthcare Center, Fulton, AL (2004 – present)
Licensed Practical Nurse

Jenkinson Assisted Living, Sarcey, AL (2001 – 2004)
Licensed Practical Nurse

  • Recorded condition and nursing requirements of residents.
  • Supervised teams of GNAs when required.
  • Assigned nursing staff according to patient needs and nurse capabilities.
  • Liaised with physicians / administered medication, treatments as prescribed.
  • Documented treatment plans and procedures in accordance with regulations.
  • Monitored stocks of medical supplies.
  • Liaised with other nursing departments re patient treatments and therapies.
  • Assisted with emergency response to sudden patient illness.
  • Managed insertion / removal of IV lines, administer IV fluids and antibiotics.
  • Cared for post-surgical patients receiving tracheostomy for respiratory failure.
  • Administered massages / alcohol rubs.
  • Assisted residents with self-care techniques.
  • Spent quality time with residents, providing compassionate support and understanding.


Diploma in Practical Nursing
Mayfield Community College, AL

License no: PN-XXXXXX-X

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