Non-Verbal Communication When Interviewing: The Importance Of Body Language

Non-verbal communication when interviewing can have a crucial influence on the success of your job search …

In an interview, you communicate with more than words. While the discussion and your answers to questions are of key importance, you will be conveying all kinds of messages through your gestures, facial expressions and appearance.

You’ll have the opportunity to expand on your resume through your answers to questions during the meeting. Your interviewer will also be gaining an impression of how you will work in the company environment, how well you will get on with co-workers or perhaps exercise a role of authority. Your personality can be one of your strongest assets in winning a job.

The following points will help develop your communicative skills during a practice interview session and help you to manage non-verbal signals:

  • maintain eye contact, especially when you are speaking
  • avoid fidgeting
  • beware of elaborate hand gestures that distract from what you are saying
  • sit well back in your chair and avoid crossing your arms
  • answer questions clearly – don’t just nod or shake your head by way of a reply!

Make sure you’re well rested the night before you are interviewed. It will help you to stay alert, project a confident image and deal more competently with unexpected questions.

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