Nursing Resume

No matter what kind of nurse you are — registered nurse, nursing assistant, LPN, LVN, midwife or other kind of healthcare practitioner, you can gain ideas and inspiration for your resume by looking at a nursing resume template. Graduate nurses or entry-level nurses can find ways to showcase their training, while nurses with an established career can find ways to highlight relevant skills and experience to focus on the needs of a particular job.

Skills on Your Nursing Resume

No matter what your specialty, there are some fundamental qualities and strengths that any nurse needs to have. In order to score that interview for the job you desire, your resume must demonstrate that you possess those traits that make a good nursing professional. It can be a challenging role, and a successful nurse will need physical, mental, and emotional attributes that allow her or him to cope with the demands of everyday working life:

A caring, compassionate nature: a nurse’s job is to look after patients. Empathy and the ability to demonstrate that you care for your patients’ welfare is paramount in any medical professional.

Emotional stability: Nurses are often dealing with life and death situations as part of their everyday work. They need to be able to complement their compassion with an emotional security that allows them to handle stressful situations and still carry on with the job.

Physical stamina: Being a nurse can be a physical challenge. As well as being on your feet for long stretches of time, you may need to be able to lift patients and manage equipment.

Communication and teamwork skills: Every nurse is part of a team of some kind, so attention to detail in record-keeping and an ability to communicate effectively with co-workers is indispensable. Another important dimension to a nurse’s work is ability to listen to patients, understand and help to allay their fears and worries, and contribute to their psychological well-being as well as their physical health.

These are just some of the qualities to you may wish to feature in your resume. Use your judgment to highlight those attributes which make you a great fit for the job you are seeking. These nursing resume examples provide ideas to inspire you and templates that you can adapt to your own needs:

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