Resume Objective Tips

Summary: Resume writers are often told that they only have a few seconds to get their reader’s attention — but how are they supposed to do that? One of the most persuasive sections of a resume is the objective statement — so put it to work!

One of the best resume writing tips is to seize your reader’s attention!

Whatever else you include, one of your most important aims is to make the recruiter sit up and take notice!

In a competitive job market, the pressure to perform well enough to win an interview can be intense. Recruiters will be attracted to those resume objectives that match well with the needs of the jobs they are looking to fill. So it makes sense to spend time refining this important section of your profile.

So what makes a good objective statement?

Tip #1: Be specific

If you write your resume beginning with a statement of the position you’re seeking, be precise in defining the job. Bland, generalized phrases such as ‘I am looking for a management position’ or ‘Seeking to use my skills as an administrative assistant’ lose the opportunity to target specific roles within that field.

Tip #2: Focus on the employer’s needs

For each and every application you make, try to analyze the exact requirements of the role and highlight those aspects of your skills and background that make you a good fit.

This implies that you will probably need to tweak your resume objective for different job applications. Don’t expect a ‘one size fits all’ profile to be as effective as one that is designed to match the employer’s needs.

Tip #3: Prioritize your information

First impressions count. If the employer is screening a large number of applications, your resume has only a few seconds to make its mark.

That’s why the objective statement usually comes immediately after your contact information. It’s the prime spot to show how well you suit the position to be filled — and if you attract your reader’s attention here, they’ll be more inclined to read the rest of your resume.

Employers look for objectives that meet their own expectations. They’re searching for the candidate who will meet their needs, and not for someone who is merely looking to satisfy his or her own goals or agenda.

Your objective statement is the opportunity for you to showcase your unique skills and experience — but in such a way that you prove that you would be a service them, not the other way round!

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