Sample Administrative Secretary Resume

As you prepare an application for a job as an executive or administrative assistant, you may want to take advantage of the free help that comes from a sample administrative secretary resume that you find online or in a collection of resources for job hunters.

Studying a sample resume for an administrative assistant’s position can kick start your own ideas about how to highlight your skills and experience and give you examples of effective formatting and layout. But it’s very important that you personalize your resume to suit the needs of the appointment you’re seeking as well as your own administration or secretarial background.

An easy way to do this is to analyze the job description or advertisement. Make some notes before you tackle your resume — and if you’re working with an existing profile, think about tweaking it for each job application you make.

Start with the functions of the secretary’s role. These might include:

  • office management, record keeping and responsibility for information systems
  • job specific tasks, including daily routine paperwork, correspondence, management of accounts
  • dealings with other staff or visitors, whether in person or on the telephone

Look also for indicators of the skills required, for example:

  • ability to work with minimal supervision
  • competence to meet deadlines and work under pressure
  • discretion and understanding the need for confidentiality
  • typing skills and expertise in the use of common office systems and software
  • a proficiency in the use of English

When you’ve identified the key requirements of the job, you can emphasize those aspects of your work history that show how well you fit their requirements. Make sure that you give evidence and examples in your resume to support your statements.

Rather than copying the sample resumes you find, use them as inspiration and make your own critique of their effectiveness. Browse our main pages for more ideas on how to get the most of administrative resume samples.

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