Substitute Teacher Resume

Here are some ideas on how to write a resume for a substitute teacher. This sample resume focuses on teaching experience, covering for regular class teachers in emergency situations as well as for short and medium term vacancies.

It also lays emphasis on a flexible and versatile, ‘hands-on’ approach to subbing for a class teacher who has been called away. Being a substitute requires an ability to adapt teaching styles and techniques to the programs and methods employed by the regular member of staff, to ensure that academic progress is not disrupted.

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Keeping good order in the classroom when you step in to replace another teacher requires confident classroom management skills. This resume shows how the writer has been able to ensure a effective learning environment and has adhered to regular teaching plans and school policies. Check out the main teacher resume page for more examples.

686 Royston Parkway, Denver, CO 80600
Tel: (098) 765-4321


Certified substitute teacher (K-8) with excellent organization skills. Committed to ensuring continuation of curriculum programs and academic success of individual students. Versatile and effective classroom manager, quick to establish good working relationships with students and staff.

• Multidisciplinary approach • Student Support
• Computer Skills • Assessment / Recording
• Mentoring / Motivation • Spanish Language
• Team Teaching • Classroom Management
• CPR Certified


XYZ District, Denver, CO (2004 – present)
Substitute Teacher (Grades K-8)

  • Filled in for absent teachers in emergency and on short and medium term assignments.
  • Followed teaching programs set by regular teachers and prepared outlines when necessary.
  • Liaised effectively with colleagues in team teaching assignments.
  • Integrated lessons into long-term curriculum plan to ensure continuity of education objectives.
  • Set and corrected homework assignments and projects.
  • Employed materials and techniques of regular teacher where available.

  • Fostered safe, positive and supportive learning environment.
  • Ensured good order and behavior in and out of class.
  • Maintained attendance and achievement records in accordance with school policy.
  • Completed appropriate report forms for subject teachers / academic supervisors.
  • Respected confidentiality of personal information.
  • Adhered to non-discriminatory policies and guidelines.
  • Attended faculty meetings.
  • Participated in general school duties as requested.


Substitute Teacher Certificate
Mayfield University, CO: B.A. Elementary Education
Setter High School, Denver, CO: High School Diploma


Certified in Pediatric First Aid / CPR
Summer Camp Counselor
Word processing, spreadsheets


  1. Patricia Hendershot says:

    This is an awesome sample resume for a substitute teacher to use! I have been searching for one so functional for a very long time! Thank You!

  2. If I spent the bulk of a year in a long-term position, how would I go about documenting that on my resume? Or would I NOT do so?

    • It might depend on whether you are using a chronological or a functional format (or a hybrid.) Assuming you are itemizing your most recent positions, it could take its place in that list. Why would you think it inappropriate to mention it?

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