Sample Resume Collection

A sample resume collection can give you lots of ideas about how to write your own resume or CV. You can compare different styles, layouts and formats, and judge for yourself how well the resume conveys essential information to the reader.

A big advantage of comparing resume examples is that it allows you to put yourself in the position of the recruiter or hiring manager whose job it is to screen hundreds or even thousands of resumes that arrive in response to an advertised vacancy. You can see for yourself how well the formatting, layout, and presentation of the content highlights key skills and addresses the particular requirements of a position.

Many experts recommend tailoring your resume to match the needs of each position you apply for. Depending on the number of applications you are making, this may not always be a practical proposition. But it's usually possible to customize the resume objective or profile statement to reflect the specific nature of a particular vacancy that appeals to you. And even reorganizing the content of your resume may be sufficient to feature the most compelling aspects of your work history in a more prominent position.

These examples are organized by profession or job category. Use them as inspiration or adapt them as necessary to create a great resume of your own!