Study A Sample Of Writing A Cover Letter And Learn How To Get Your Resume Noticed

Summary: When you’re writing an application letter to accompany your resume, one of the quickest ways to get started is to look at an online sample of writing a cover letter for good ideas.

Let’s face it, writing about yourself is one of the hardest skills to acquire in the job hunting process and it’s a good idea to follow some tried and tested principles to give your resume the attention it deserves.

Several resume writing services offer cover letter samples to show the kind of results they can achieve. They take a letter and re-draft it to focus the interest of potential employers by relating the key skills of the applicant to the needs of the position. It’s essential to remember that an effective cover letter needs to be personalized and targetted in this way.

So when you read cover letter examples, you’re looking for ideas to adapt to suit your own job application rather than a letter to simply copy. Here are some cover letter guidelines that you can use to make your own judgments about what’s the most effective format:

  • always personalize the letter: write to a specific person who will have hiring responsibility
  • keep the letter brief: one side of paper should normally be enough
  • use a warm but professional tone and style
  • make it clear what position you’re applying for and show that you know something about the company and its circumstances
  • indicate what skills you have that are particularly relevant to the position you want
  • state what action you propose to take to follow up your application

Whatever the industry or the experience level or the writer, model cover letters will tend to focus on specifics like these. They represent ‘recurring themes’ that you can identify and plan to use in youir own letter.

There will still be plenty of room to inject your own personality and communicate the key skills you possess to make you an interesting candidate who’s worth interviewing.

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