Software Developer Resume

There’s a bright outlook for software developers and engineers, especially in the field of systems and applications development. The increase in demand for wed and mobile apps is remarkable, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates growth in job opportunities of some 30% for those who have software development work experience and training on their resume.

It’s not just mobile technology that is causing this boom. The move to electronic health records and other applications of technology in healthcare promote huge demand for qualified personnel, as does the incorporation of software into more and more electronic devices. And with this change comes the inevitable requirement for cybersecurity to protect these new investments in digital infrastructure.

Your Skills in Software Development

In your software engineer or software developer resume, it will be important to showcase your training and experience of modern programming languages and computing tools, as this is an industry that is constantly innovating. Database management, embedded systems software, component oriented software, and program testing are key skills, as is a familiarity with the process with which products and systems are developed, through stages such as:

  • Information architecture
  • User interaction design
  • Programming and customization
  • UX testing
  • Production environment configuration
  • Bug tracking and troubleshooting

The sample resume below features an experienced developer who has a passion for big data analytics, particularly as they relate to online game development. It’s just one example of a resume layout that you can tailor to your own needs.

2745 Anderson Street, Austin, TX 78746
Tel: (123) 456-7890 :: email:


Skilled, enthusiastic software developer with a fascination for Big Data analytics and a talent for creating software that is high quality yet clean and simple, with a focus on great UX. Excellent knowledge of Object-Oriented concepts and design principles. Independent-minded self-starter who thrives in an agile, fast-paced, dynamic working environment. Extensive experience in front-end web development and product-driven design that communicates intent and functionality. Excellent interpersonal, social and analytical skills.

• API development • SDK: LUA, OpenGL ES, Playground, Havok, PhysX
• Java, Hadoop, Hbase, Zeromq • MongoDB experienced, PostGIS, NoSQL
• Strong HTML / CSS / Javascript coding skills • Real-Time Embedded Systems
• Git / GitHub, Ruby on Rails • Image processing and analysis
• C++, Boost STL • Advanced data structures / algorithms



HancockAPI, Austin, TX (2009 – present)
Software Engineer

  • Draw on my passion and extensive experience as an online gamer to develop great games.
  • Develop services and applications based on data from online game players’ logs.
  • Design user-friendly server-client interfaces.
  • Assist with integration of new data-driven, real-time features for existing games and projects under development.
  • Design strategies and tools to track player interaction (e.g. clickstream tracking apps), error analysis, and troubleshooting.
  • Devise log collection and auditing systems to enhance data collection.
  • Create solutions to provide scalability and test for system capacity.
  • Identify and fix bugs.
  • Support code auditing policies and promote highest code quality.
  • Make code available for integration in other games.
  • Promote efficient deployment and iteration of games through effective teamwork and communication.
  • Deploy and update games according to defined schedules.
  • Lead, train, and induct new staff as required.

Geospace Development, Rollingwood, TX (2006 – 2009)
Software Developer / Engineer

  • Design mapping tools incorporating verfied data with high positional accuracy.
  • Consult with project managers to research information on data processing capabilities.
  • Develop web mobile applications to integrate seamlessly into customers’ existing infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with managers re project status, technical issues, testing and quality assurance.
  • Integrate testing feedback to correct errors, adapt interfaces and improve performance.
  • Contribute to documentation of new software / apps for client users.
  • Maintain comprehensive records and reports of activities and project specifications.


MS Computer Science (MSCS)
University of Texas at Austin

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