Unusual Resume Ideas

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box.

In today’s tough economy, when so many well-qualified candidates are scrambling for jobs, how you stand out from the pack can make all the difference between getting noticed and scoring and interview, and getting screened out.

One job-seeker who decided he needed to do something radically in his job search is French web product manager Philippe Dubost, who has recently become known as the “Amazon Resume Guy.”

Dubost had the brilliant idea of marketing himself to potential employers as if he were actually a product for sale on Amazon – so he turned his own website into an online resume that looks just like a shopping page, complete with “product details”, “customer reviews,” shipping information,” and all the other paraphernalia that you’d expect to see if you were ordering an item online.

The concept is an ingenious riff on the increasingly popular idea of a cyber-resume, delivered with panache and wit, and presenting his skills and experience in an eye-catching way which has made him newsworthy and sent his web resume viral. And the execution of the idea is a great example of the talent that he is offering to recruiters.

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Amazon Resume Guy

With media outlets such as the Huffington Post, TIME magazine, and Adweek all commenting on this creative CV twist, it’s likely that Monsieur Dubost will have sudden influx of interviews and offers to choose from. And, as with any original and visually appealing idea, it will probably spawn a mass of copycat attempts – although we reckon this is one of those ideas that only works once!

So while the days of the hard copy resume in traditional format are far from over, this is a very good illustration of how important it can be to present a profile with a specific and unique angle. The approach obviously works better in some industries than others, and the trick is to be eye-catching and original without veering too far towards the gimmicky.

But hell – the point of a resume is to bring yourself to the attention of would-be employers’ and get an interview, isn’t it? Looks like he nailed that one.

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