Updating Your Resume Format

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give your resume a second thought until you’re unemployed or have just found a great job opening that you’d like to apply for. Unfortunately, this is when you need to have an outstanding resume ready to send off – but most job hunters’ resumes are too out-of-date to have an impact on recruiters and hiring managers.

If you’re in this position, you might be interested in a book by professional resume writer Louise Kursmark called 30-Minute Resume Makeover.

The book seeks to address the issue of how to keep your resume up to scratch in today’s fast-paced economy where a bland, “same-old” resume can’t expect to get results.

For many job openings, you may be competing against hundreds or even thousands of other job hunters. So to stand out from the pack, your resume must communicate your best ‘selling points’ immediately to a recruiter – AND be compatible with resume scanning software.

If you this all of this would take a lot of time, think again! According to Ms Kursmark, you can do it in 30 minutes – and update your resume quickly enough to be able to take speedy action when a sudden job opportunity comes along. Here are some of the makeover strategies she offers for your resume:

  • Make Your Framework Strong
    Think about what resume format will be easiest to read and communicate your main points of value. Organization and design are tow factors that play a big part here. It doesn’t matter what you’ve may have been told in the past – look at your resume with a fresh eye and make sure that you’re making the right choices for where you are now.

  • Make Your Summary Pop!
    Whatever you call the first section of your resume – be it Summary, Introduction, Profile, Overview or something else – this is a major piece of resume ‘real estate’ that’s in a position to have a major influence of your reader’s first impression of you. Use it to state clearly why you are suited to the job.

  • Lay Emphasis On Accomplishments And Experience.
    Don’t be content merely to describe your previous positions. Talk about what you achieved while in the role. That way you can showcase what you have contributed to your past employers and projects.

  • Make Your Education and “Extras” Work For You
    Once you’ve worked hard on the experience and accomplishments section, you can allow yourself a breather! The section describing Education and “Extras” are usually much faster and easier to write. But you can still spruce them up – some new items you may have overlooked might include foreign language skills, technology proficiency, any publications you’ve written, presentations you have made, public speaking roles and professional affiliations.

  • Check, Check And Double-Check

    Proofread your resume carefully – even if you’re sure it’s perfect, you may come back a few hours later with a fresh eye and discover some element that could be trimmed, edited or polished to make it even better!

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